Frequently Asked Questions - Using the Studio

Q.  I am wanting to attend "Studio Time" as noted in the calendar as open days, what do I need to do?
A.  Once you are a paid member, you can come along and use the Studio whenever it is open. One of our members will be acting as supervisor during open times, and we update members to confirm by email, when the Studio will be open.

Q.  I am wanting to attend "Studio Time", what is the cost?
A. The cost of using the studio is $8 per session, or you can buy a concession card for $60 giving you ten visits.
You can buy a concession card directly from the Guild at the time of your visit. Payment by eftpos or cash accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions - General Enquiries

Q.  I am wanting some custom jewellery made, do you do this?
A.  We do not often undertake custom jewellery work, however you can contact us direct with what you are wanting and we will pass your request on to members, to ask if anyone would be willing to undertake your work. There may be a wait for this, as we are voluntary organisation, so we recommend that you approach a manufacturing jeweller.

Q.  I am wanting some jewellery repairs, do you do this?
A.  No, we recommend you approach a manufacturing jeweller for repair work.

Q.  Can you recommend a business for jewellery repairs?
A.  We can tell you that some of our members have had very positive experiences with Hardings Jewellers. Located at 194 Edgeware Rd, Edgeware, Christchurch. Phone 03 385 6737.

Q.  I am not associated with your Guild, but can I attend a Workshop or Field Trip?
A. Sorry no, you cannot attend a workshop or attend a field trip if you are not a member, however we strongly encourage you to attend one of our enjoyable and creative Silversmith Classes.

Frequently Asked Questions - About Guild Membership

Q.  How can I become a member of the Silversmiths' Guild of Canterbury?
A.  Once you have completed our Level 1 Class, you can then attend our Level 2 Class. Once you achieve the level of competency to work safely and independently, with a good overall knowledge of how to correctly use our Studio and tools, then our Level 2 Tutors will grant permission for you to join our Guild. See below for the benefits that membership entitles you to.

Q.  What if I am not yet competent enough to join the Guild?
A.  If it is decided that you need further experience before being allowed to join the Guild, please do not be discouraged. The reason we must ensure you can work safely and independently is for the safety of all, so you can attend our open studio times as an equal, without requiring assistance or correction in good silversmithing practices and tool use from others using the studio. You are warmly welcomed to attend as many Level 2 Classes as you like, to gain the required level of competency. Indeed, many of our Level 2 Students have repeated the class many times over, for the opportunity to have a tutor always at hand for whatever new jewellery technique, item or project they wish to undertake. 

Q.  I have some jewellery experience, can I join the Guild?
A.  What we recommend is that anyone who already has some silversmith experience enrols to attend one of our Level 2 Classes. Level 2 Classes run Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings. Attending a class will provide you with a great opportunity to become familiar with our equipment and processes, meet some of our members, work on your own projects with experienced advice and assistance from our Tutors, and see first-hand how the Silversmiths’ Guild of Canterbury operates. Once you have completed a Level 2 Class, our Level 2 Tutors will be able to assess you for an acceptable level of competency in good silversmithing practices and correct use of our tools, and grant permission for you to join our Guild.

Q.  I am at the level of a professional Silversmith, can I join the Guild?
A.  If you have a long history of silversmithing and believe you are already at a level to work safely and independently during studio times, and you do not wish to attend a Level 2 Class, you can organise to meet with the Silversmiths’ Guild Committee. What we ask is that you contact us to come along during our next meeting, and bring along some of the things that you have made to show your competency. We will provide you with an application to join our Guild at that time. We truly enjoy welcoming new members and encourage you to contact us direct if you would like to become a member. Please also note that the workshop is for member's personal use only and is not intended for use as a commercial workshop.

Q.  How much does membership cost for the Silversmiths' Guild of Canterbury?
A.  At present our membership fees are $75.00 for the year or $210.00 for 3 years

Q.  What does Guild Membership entitle me to?
A.  Once you are a member you can:

  • Use our Studio when it is open to members - see our Calendar for open times.*
  • Borrow books and dvds from our Studio Library.
  • Be a part of our yearly Silversmiths' Guild Exhibition.
  • Attend our Events; including field trips and workshops.**  
  • Attend our Free Member's Night on the third Thursday evening of every month, where members are encouraged to bring their work and come to share their ideas with the company of other members, at no charge. Members' open nights will also be noted in the Calendar.

* There is a small fee to use the studio of $8.00 per visit, or you can buy a concession card for $60 giving you ten visits.
** Costs are subsidised so they are often very minimal - usually only $30.00 + materials, dependent on the workshop.

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