Student's Work - Level 2

Once you have completed our Level 1 Course, you will have the basic knowledge to enable you to design and create something unique. In this Level 2 Class we teach you to make a piece of jewellery of your choice - it may be a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or something else - with a cabochon stone in a bezel setting. You will likely wish to purchase silver for this class, so be aware this is an additional cost.

We have many students who love coming to our Level 2 class - that they just keep coming! We welcome you to enrol in as many Level 2 classes as you wish, we're happy to help you with your creations. Once you feel competent to use the studio and tools safely and independently, you can apply to become a member of the Silversmiths' Guild of Canterbury - and perhaps in time you may become a teacher yourself! Passing on an ancient and beautiful art form to new students, as many of our current members have done themselves.

Note: If you see your own work in this gallery, please contact us if you would like your name added to your beautiful piece.
Photography by Crystal Mathieson.

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