Silversmiths' Guild Newsletter March 2017

Silversmiths' Guild Newsletter March 2017


EVERY MEMBER that uses the workshop in any capacity (no exceptions) must fill out an Induction sheet and get it signed by a tutor or committee member. Due to the changes in OSH requirements, we are now required to have additional health and safety documentation. The induction sheets are kept in the pink folder in the library and then filed into the red folder on top of the library. PLEASE be pro-active about getting your form filled out and signed. (It would be nice not to have to chase people up about this) 

2. TOOLS -

We want to have the best tools available for all members so please, if you damage or break one, put it on the side counter with a note or write a note in the attendance book.  That way, we can look at replacing or fixing it as soon as possible. 


Saturday April 1st - 10am - Silver Metal Clay 10am

Cost: $20 + additional for material ( $35 minimum for clay which will be bought at workshop)


Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewellery,beads and small scultpures. After drying, the clay can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln with a handheld gas torch, or on a gas stove, depending on the type of clay and the metal in it.



Dates will be in newsletter prior....

April - Cuttlefish Casting and Delft Clay

May - Colouring metals

June- Lost wax casting 

July - Setting jewels

Aug - Enamelling

Sept - Repousse

Oct - Fold forming

Nov - Tool Making 


We have a wonderful group of committee members that are willing to open the guild during the week for members to come and work on your pieces. The dates and times are usually sent out in an email by Anita for the upcoming week. We may soon be open on some Sundays as well.  Watch your emails! 


If you turn off the gas bottles, please just turn them 'finger tight' off and make sure that the torches themselves are off. We have had recent issues with these bottles being turned off extremely tight. 



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